May 19th Maria reporting... 

Hi All,

I am back finally!!!

Our calendar will be updated and more dates will be added as soon as they are confirmed!  Also we are very excited to announce we have moved to Charlotte County in SW Florida!

Also we are back in the studio writing again...   See ya soon!

A few links of our stuff..

The following was taken from Harmony Hill Monthly Newsletter, Written by Alfred Nesser

Maria Lena & Gerry Stafford (aka “Max Ex”) (Acoustic Duo)
"This incredible duo plays those rare songs that people love to hear, such as that Classic Legend, “Thick as a Brick”. Everywhere they perform they bring excitement and electricity to the stage. Gerry Stafford is a master and a teacher of many different kinds of Guitars, Mandolin, Keys. His vocals have the charm and accent of the English speaking Bard. His partner Maria Lena plays Flute, Autoharp, and also a little Keyboard, Tambourine, Shakers, etc... “anything that makes noise”... And her rich vocals vibrate with mystery.

Both presently living in Medford, Gerry is from the bands, "SETH" and "GSB." Maria is formerly from "Synthesis" and "Full Moon" and a few acoustic duos here and there. Together now, they are collaborating and creating something very special, doing Acoustic Classic, Progressive, & Original Rock, playing to perfection those mysterious kinds of 70’s songs that only the most progressive radio stations would dare to play after the midnight hours, to that special brand of rebel seeking the deeper meanings of life and living. "

OMG!!! I can't remember the name of our song for the week!  Oh yes.... I am committed to learning Witches Promise by Jethro Tull!

I would like to note that many of our photos were taken by Mr. Tom Uellner of Salem, MA, (Tom Uellner Photography)! You can find him on facebook. Thank you Tom!

Please stop by, say hi and check out the wonderful artists and restaurants in the North Shore / Boston area and down south in our Paradise in SW Florida!

You must visit...

Charlie's Pub, Port Charlotte, FL 

The Open Road, Arcadia, FL

The Lighthouse Grille, Engelwood, FL

Salvatore's in Medford, MA

Polcari's in Woburn, MA

The Lobster Shanty in Salem, MA! A big thank you to Diane Wolf!!!

Owen and Ollie's, Dracut, MA

The Four Winds in Lynn, MA 

Ok really, I'm done....I think that's about it for today.... Peace and Love... Maria Lena

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