Photo by Tom Uellner

Max: Meaning - Its Latin root meaning "Great."

Ex: Meaning - The prefix ex- comes from Latin ex-, e-, meaning “Out of", "From.”

We humbly pay tribute to some of the greatest classic rock of our past.  We play the “greatest” music that came “out of” the most memorable and best musicians of our time...”from our lives”.

We are...

Gerry Stafford on Guitar, Mandolin, Keys and Vocals and Maria Lena on Vocals, Flute, Autoharp and Hand Percussion and a little Keyboard.  We are both from Medford, MA...Gerry is from Bands Dillinger, Seth, Ste. Gerard and our current full band, The Gerry Stafford Band “GSB”. Maria Lena is formerly from bands Synthesis and Full Moon and a few acoustic duos here and there.